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Mac the Monkey Classes

Little Gymnasts and Sports Stars

Suitable for children at Pre–School

Through Mac's weekly adventure children will learn the basics in Gymnastics and valuable skills that can be used in all sports, for example hand eye coordination, balance, agility, strength and flexibility will all be gradually built upon and improved. Alongside teaching basic vital sporting skills children will learn the importance of physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle and develop a zest for sport which we hope will last through until their adult life.

At Pre–School Level we run 2 levels of class: 18mths–3years which has Parent/Guardian participation so that the children progress with the comfort of a parent/guardian there and our 3-5 years which is parent/guardian free to allow the children to develop independently.

Our 3–5 years classes take part in our class assessments throughout their time at our Mac the Monkey Academy gaining bronze, silver and gold medals allowing the children to visualise and chart their progressions.