Mac the Monkey says ‘Hello’

Mac is a cheeky monkey who loves to Dance, Sing, Act and take part in Gymnastics and Sports – take a look inside and learn with Mac the Monkey !

Mac the Monkey is a pre-school brand which as part of it has classes in Musical Theatre, Ballet and Gymnastics and Sports.

If you are a parent and your child is bored at home and needs some entertaining or if you can’t get to one of our classes then Mac has an App where you can take part in a variety of activities with your child and access our Mac @ Home classes. Mac also has a YouTube Channel and you can join in singing and dancing with him here !

We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline … In the meantime if you are a performing arts or sports teacher you can Licence Mac the Monkey and set up classes (see our Licence Page). 

Have fun and learn in Mac the Monkey’s world !


Mac the Monkey

MAC’s Here

Current Mac the Monkey Teacher Locations

Mac’s Adventures in and around the World are basis for our classes and many reflect the events going on at the time of year i.e. Winter, Autumn, Christmas, Easter, Summer etc. to allow children to enhance their learning of the world around them and develop their creative skills.

Our teachers run a range of classes from Little Performers Musical Theatre Classes, Gymnastics and Sports and Story Time Ballet Classes.  There is no better Pre-school class out there for your child to take part in.  Don’t delay – book now with your local teacher before it is too late and there are no spaces left !