Mac the Monkey says ‘Hello’

Mac is a cheeky monkey who loves to perform and take part in a variety of Sports and Performing Arts activities, teaching the children how to exercise and dance while having fun.  (he’s still a young Monkey as he was born in 2009)

Mac is a very good Gymnast and Actor.

He loves to Sing and Dance.

He loves to Perform to an audience!

Mac has many friends and loves it when the boys and girls who come to see him at his classes.

Mac’s classes run for baby’s of 6 weeks old through to Boys and Girls of 5 years of age.

Mac the Monkey

MAC’s Here

Mac The Monkey Events

Mac’s Adventures in and around the World are basis for our classes and many reflect the events going on at the time of year i.e. Winter, Autumn, Christmas, Easter, Summer etc. to allow children to enhance their learning of the world around them. At the end of each year all independent child classes have a graduation session.

Parents, Guardians and Grandparents are invited to watch the last session of the year which we call a ‘mini-class’ and at the end of the mini-class each child is individually presented with their graduation certificate by Mac the Monkey. There may be an official Graduation Photographer at the event so that all magical moments are captured.

Spectators are then invited for tea/coffee and an informal chat with staff and ‘graduates’ afterwards. Mac the Monkey in Aberdeen for Young Childrens & Toddlers Gymnastics in Aberdeen, and Young Childrens & Toddlers Dance classes aberdeen – and don’t forget the Baby Mac Classes providing a taster in Dance, Drama and Music for Babies from 6 weeks up.


Why don’t you come along to one of Mac’s classes and learn about Mac’s unique adventures each week?