Licence Mac the Monkey


From October 2020 Mac the Monkey Classes will be available for teachers to licence.  Perhaps you want to grow your pre-school classes, try something different or start new classes.  Your students will love the Adventures of Mac the Monkey just as much as we do ! 


Send us an email to register your interest and we will add you to our mailing list so you can be the first to licence your own Mac the Monkey classes.


How Mac The Monkey can help your Dance Studio have more pupils….

We have a programme of constant improvement & development for Mac and are currently developing a whole range of animations to accompany Mac classes.  Mac has an App that your students will also have access to. 

All our classes are based on Mac’s Adventures in and around the World and many classes will reflect the events going on at the time of year i.e. Winter, Autumn, Christmas, Easter, Summer etc. to allow children to enhance their learning of the world around them.  We have a wide variety of programmes that you can choose to run with our own customised music allowing you to expand your business and do what you do best – teach !