Your chance to licence Mac the Monkey and help expand your business ! 


Are you worried about reopening your dance, performing arts or gymnastics school after the Pandemic ?  We will hold your hand while you set up your classes to ensure you have great success ! 

Do you struggle to come up with new lesson plans each week which engage and help your students reach their potential at their age and stage of development ?  We have full lesson plans that you can follow or ‘tweak’ and make your own if you wish to teach other skills in your  class. 

Are you short of time to continually think of exciting adventures to teach your students each week enabling constant progression and maintain good attention and retention rate ?  Our lesson plans are unique and different each week meaning that you don’t have to think about how to make each lesson different. We take away that stress ! 

Would you like to expand your pre-school business and have a unique class to offer within your school which makes you stand out from the other schools in your area?  Mac the Monkey is a unique programme.  Unique stories, Unique class format and Unique music.  Its good to be different!


We reopened our classes in September 2020 after being closed for 6 months due to the pandemic.  We were delighted to have enrolled over 100 new students in the space of 5-6 weeks.  Every week we were adding new classes to keep up with demand.  The demand was not created by reduced class sizes due to Covid regulations as we would normally operate our classes with smaller class sizes but it was due to word of mouth and our parents very excited about attending our Mac the Monkey Classes.  We are eager to get going again when we can reopen and so are our students.  Some transitioned online to continue with our weekly adventures but we all can’t wait to get back and continue the learning in our unique Mac the Monkey way !


Class Teacher


 or Invest in our Mac the Monkey programme and watch all these problems disappear and your business flourish…

By using our Mac the Monkey programme in your school you will be able to expand the range of classes that you offer and watch your pre-school student numbers grow.  Our programme is proven to work not only enrolling you more students but also enhance the technical development of each child meaning that they have a head start for more advanced skills in later years.  Mac the Monkey classes are an ideal feeder for your older classes or for you to start new pre-school classes as a stand alone business.  You can run your classes anywhere – in studio, at nurseries and online.  There are opportunities to run parties and our ‘Show in the Box’ too! There are no limits with Mac the Monkey …  




How To Get Your Teacher Licence and work towards having a stress free pre-school programme in your school

If you are a qualified Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading or Sports Coach or have a diploma in Dance, Gymnastics or Sports then enquire now on how you can licence Mac the Monkey and open a whole new world of business opportunities for you !

Don’t delay as Licences for  our first intake of teachers will go live from 1st April…With only 50 licences up for grabs from April 1st you don’t want to miss out.  The following intake will be in late 2021.  Be the first to find out when you can apply by clicking the link below :